Female age 64, have started ‘dribbling’ few drops of urine a couple of times a night in bed, while sleeping & while awake. Bladder isn’t full, no urge to pee before or even after (though I do get up & go, there is literally no real urge to do so).

No leakage during daytime whatsoever (yet). I even got my bladder good & full then had a deliberate good few coughs but…..nothing! I could ‘hold it’ just like normal. No drips, nothing. Have been sneezing a bit but nothing then either.

I can’t understand it, nothing on internet that can explain this. No sign of any infection. So why might I be dribbling urine each night?

Apologies to those who are struggling to manage so much worse, this sounds so trivial in comparison, but it is worrying me after a week of it & no sign of stopping. I don’t seem to ‘fit’ in any continence category. Can’t see GP until mid January.

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