I’m a 43 year old male that has never really been happy with the amount of times I visit the toilet in a day.

However, about 5 weeks ago things moved to another level. I was barely away from the toilet for even a minute when I felt the urge to go back. Sometimes I would pee but the majority of times there was nothing.

After a visit to the Dr, we did a urine test that was all clear with regards to protein levels, infection, PSA level, etc.
He did the prostate exam but said that the prostate was absolutely at a normal size.
He advised that I was suffering from an OAB and put me on Vesicare to control the urge.
I started doing the Kegel training as well which I have been doing for the past 5 weeks solid.

Where I am at just now is that I am trying my best to leave it to between 2 to 3 hours without needing to go to the toilet.
I’m assuming this is a mixture of the Vesicare and exercises allowing me to do this for the first time in my life.

However, the issue that I have at the moment, is that after I go to the toilet, for a period of 60 minutes or so, I feel as though my whole “area” is highly active.
There isn’t a strong urge to go but a constant medium urge.
One new sensation I have, is that I also feel as though I am leaking slightly for this 60 minute period as well.

The strange thing is that if I get through this 60 minute period without going, absolutely everything settles down to what I would call normality for the next hour or 2 and I’m ok until I go again to the toilet.
Then, after going to the toilet, this whole 60 minute highly active period begins again.

Does anyone have any advice as to what is actually happening to me in this 60 minute period?

Could it be the medication and something I’d need to change?

I’ve been referred to Urology by my Dr but I take it this will take quite a while for an appointment to come in.

Many Thanks

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