I have had OAB and urge incontinence for a long time (tolterodine (detrusitol) and bladder training hasn’t worked) from my bladder diary’s I lose around 1/3 urine before I can reach the toilet (on average) with the heaviest loss over night.

However sometimes the urgency is constant (24 hours a day) and when this happens I can’t hold anything and don’t make it to the toilet at all. What is even more concerning is that this seems to be happening more and more often with no obvious cause. It is like my bladder is constantly being wrung out and as soon as it starts to get any fluid inside it is pushed out immediately, it is problematic for two reasons, one is that I am obviously losing a great deal of urine and naturally start to limit my fluid intake, and two because it is very uncomfortable especially at night when trying to sleep.

I have had a recent ultrasound, blood test, urine test and have a urodynamics appointment in just over a month to see what is going on, but wondered if this is ‘normal’ and if there is any advice/suggestions you might have before I have my appointment with the urologist in December.

Any advice is appreciated

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