I developed anxiety in December 2018, then in Easter 2019 I started to always need to urinate but never manage to fully empty my bladder, I presumed I had an infection so I went to the doctors for a urine sample but there was no infection, now it’s got worse, at school (and only at school) I experience sudden surges of needing to empty my bladder, and don’t always make it in time, I’m starting to wonder whether it’s connected to my anxiety as it only occurs in school when I am most stressed. Another factor is that every morning when I am worried to go to school, I strain to let my bowels empty, to avoid needing to empty my bowels at school, this could be playing a part. I guess my two questions are, could this be linked to my anxiety, and secondly I am very embarrassed about the accidents so should I wear products to mop up the accidents without embarrassment and let the problem be resolved or is there medication I could take as a thirteen-year-old girl?

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