I am a healthy 48 year old male and I have always had good bladder control. About two months ago while out walking, I suddenly got the urge to go; I was sure the feeling would pass as it usually does, however; the feeling became overwhelming and within three minutes i’d wet myself slightly.

The following day I felt the urge again and I desperately tried to hold on until I could find a toilet; within two minutes I had begun to wet myself until the feeling eased. Roughly two minutes later I began wetting again until there appeared to be no pressure on my bladder.

Over the following two weeks I had a few more slight episodes before a larger episode at the end of the two weeks.

This went away for around a month; two nights ago while out jogging I felt the urge to go and began to wet myself as I returned home after running around 6 miles.

Yesterday while at work I had a slight episode and again today while out with the dog.

Does anyone know what the cause of this could be? Since the second episode I have been managing the issue with Tena Men guards.

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