I’m 35 and for the last 5 years or so I’ve had intermittent bladder issues. When it first started I was getting a lot of UTIs so I put it down to that however I haven’t had a UTI in probably 2 years and yet I’m having more and more problems with my continence. It started as small leaks. Sometimes I would get an urge to pee just before but other times I would just suddenly realise I was wet, or not realise at all that I was wet until I went to the toilet! I have periods when I’m fine but then it will suddenly start up again for a few weeks or months.

The last few weeks have been awful. I’ve been continually leaking without even feeling an urge to pee, multiple times a day. 3 times this week I have completely wet myself, not a leak, a full loss of bladder control. Yesterday was the final straw for me, I full on wet myself in Asda and only realised what was happening when I felt my jeans getting warm!! Utterly humiliating and I was so embarrassed I just left my trolley half full and walked out.

I went to the GP a while back who didnt seem overly concerned and said leaking was very common and gave me some pelvic floor exercises but these have made no difference. I had a urine dip done last week and that was negative. Yesterday I bought some Tena pants and have been wearing them since to avoid another embarrassment, and I’ve already had to change them once today after another accident (at home thankfully).

I’ve booked another GP appointment but I’m really worried. What could this be? I dont have any children, or medical problems other than PCOS. Is this likely to get worse? I am not enjoying having to wear a pull up and cant imagine wearing one outside the house (though I suppose it’s better than wet pants in Asda!). I’m just feeling so down with it. 🙁

Thank you for listening.

Dreamer x

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