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Are you or someone you care for dealing with incontinence? While it can be an embarrassing problem, the information on this web site will help you to better understand ways to cope with incontinence on a day to day basis.

Here on, you will find everything that you need to know about different types of incontinence, treatments, and management options to effectively deal with your individual situation.

Losing control of your bladder or bowel may make you want to withdraw from family, friends, and social activities. All told, it can have a negative effect on your quality of life. But it does not need to be a life sentence! This web site is designed to help you navigate through the variety of challenges you face to find viable solutions. Let us help you reshape your life by giving you the information and tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Remember: you are not alone. Millions of otherwise healthy adults are successfully dealing with this health condition every day. Contrary to popular opinion, incontinence is not a natural part of ageing. Growing older can certainly affect one’s bladder health, but it is not necessarily a given that incontinence will occur. In fact, simple exercises and behavior modification tricks can increase muscle strength while reducing the risk of accidents.

Health conditions, especially in women, also play a huge role. For example, pregnancy and childbirth are major contributors to incontinence in women, while an enlarged prostate gland and prostate surgery are the primary causes of incontinence in men.

While incontinence does require serious attention, it does not need to interrupt your daily routine! Read on for detailed, easy-to-understand information on incontinence products and treatments you will need to successfully manage incontinence. We are here to provide you with credible, in-depth information to help provide you with a greater understanding of incontinence. We encourage you to start with the Incontinence Subject pages listed on the right.

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