8 Reasons to try Cotton Incontinence Pants

Cotton incontinence pants provide a washable option for managing incontinence, and more and more manufacturers are creating designs.

Here are some great reasons to try cotton incontinence pants:

The Material is Breathable

In general, cotton is more breathable than polyester fabric. It can therefore be much more comfortable on the skin, keeping it healthy.

They are Hypoallergenic                

Cotton is known to be kind to the skin and does not cause irritation during use. This helps to prevent infection such as incontinence associated dermatitis. Cotton is the ideal fiber for relief from irritation.

They have a Built in Pad

Cotton incontinence pants feature a built-in pad, meaning you don’t have to buy a pad and pant separately.

They Feel Soft

One of cotton’s best qualities is its soft feel, which definitely comes in handy with an incontinence product. Just like normal underwear, a product that you are wearing for a long time should be comfortable and pleasant on the skin.

Cotton is a Natural Fiber

Cotton is a natural fiber, meaning it absorbs moisture, rather than repelling it. Whilst this can be annoying with ordinary clothes, for an incontinence product, this is a bonus.

Normal Underwear Feel

Many people prefer the feel of pants, as they can seem more like normal underwear than other products.

They are Chemical-Free

The fact that cotton is a natural fibre makes it one of the most popular materials for underwear.

They are Cost Effective

Cotton incontinence pants are washable, making them a cost-effective option in comparison to disposable products.

Are they Ideal for You?

Cotton washable pants are not recommended to be worn alone for heavier incontinence. They are particularly ideal for those with light to moderate incontinence, and are commonly worn by people with stress incontinence. Additionally, they are suitable if you need extra protection over an incontinence pad or pant.

Pants are generally ideal for more active users, as they offer high flexibility and freedom of movement. They often feature an elasticated waist, providing maximum comfort and discretion.

If you are interested in a product that is washable and does not feel bulky, cotton pants may be the best solution for you.

Pants for Men and Women

You can buy pants specifically designed for men and women.

Ladies Cotton Comfy 100mls

Buy on Allanda from £7.95

  • 100% cotton brief with built-in absorbent pad with waterproof back
  • 100mls
  • Cost Effective Over the Lifetime of the Brief
  • 93-102cm

Mens Protective Pants White

Buy on Allanda for £7.95

  • Unique Washable Waterproof incontinence pants for men
  • 100% Cotton double layered brief with a concealed plastic liner
  • Designed to give extra protection against leakage when worn over disposable pads or pants


  • Cotton Soft
  • Fresh Odour Control with Active Micro Fresh Beads
  • Integrated Leakage Barriers
  • Anatomical Fit
  • Triple Protection
  • Optimum Leakage Security


Buy TENA Lady Silhouette on Incontinence Supermarket for £3.88

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    Cotton is fine but it’s also one of the most chemically sprayed crop on the planet! Not very echo-friendly at all!

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