Choosing Faecal Incontinence Pants

Pull up pants for faecal incontinence are ideal for individuals who are fairly mobile. The design of faecal incontinence pants means the user can wear them just as they would normal underwear, but with the addition of absorption.

Faecal incontinence pants are ideal for people who want a similar product to normal underwear. They are also common amongst people with high mobility, as they are harder to put on and take off than all in ones.

Choosing Faecal Incontinence Pants


Opt for High Absorbency

When choosing faecal incontinence pants, it is important to find a high absorbency option. Faecal incontinence requires a much higher absorbency than urinary incontinence. Maxi level or Super level pants are most ideal.


Ensure you Choose an Accurate Fit

Like any incontinence product, it is vital to find an incontinence pant for faecal incontinence that provides a close fit. Products that become loose are not as effective and will not keep you as comfortable and dry.


Consider Your Budget

If you are on a strict budget, it would be worth looking at less expensive brands such as Lille Healthcare and iD Expert. You can also buy in bulk to save money if you are purchasing frequently.


Choose the Features that are Important to You

If you have sensitive skin, choose pants that are latex free and hypoallergenic. If you are looking for maximum freedom of movement, choose a pant which has a super soft elasticated waist. Some pants state this feature on their packaging. Alternatively, some people prefer inner leg cuffs, which can make the product feel more close-fit and secure. Some pants also feature an elasticated crotch, such as the Abena range.

Highest Absorbency Faecal Incontinence Pants

  • Ideal for managing heavy incontinence
  • Includes an elasticated waist and Cotton Feel back sheet
  • Anatomical adaption
  • Plastic Polyethylene Back Sheet
  • Advanced odour control technology
  • Can be worn and taken off like any regular underwear
  • Anti-leakage protection cuffs
  • Discreet and comfortable
  • Synthetic Material
  • Fast absorption layer

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  • Enhanced dryness
  • Disposable
  • Unique Dual Absorption Zone
  • Designed in a subtle lilac colour
  • Integrated leakage barriers
  • Body-close fit
  • Odour neutralizer
  • Double protection from leaks and odours


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  • Pull up and down like normal underwear
  • Unobtrusive and discreet
  • Double Absorbent core for fast absorption and greater capacity
  • Hydrophobic, Inner leg cuffs for extra anti-leak protection
  • Breathable waterproof backing aids comfort and prevents perspiration
  • Wetness Indicator lets you know when pants require changing

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  • Suitable for heavy incontinence
  • Natural odour protection
  • Breathable material for improved skin health
  • Quick-dry acquisition layer
  • Absorbent core to reduce the risk of leakage
  • Flexible shape


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Managing Faecal Incontinence


Keep a Bowel Diary   

Keeping a bowel diary can be helpful for a Doctor. Write down a list of the types of foods you consume and the impact it has on your faecal incontinence. You can also make note of any pains or discomfort.


Look after your Skin

When managing faecal incontinence, it is vital to Barrier creams are a vital product for keeping the skin free from irritation.

  • Enriched in glycerine and panthenol
  • Prevents and calms irritations
  • Contains zinc oxide, to form a protective barrier

Using the product:

 Apply in a fine layer, massaging gently, just before you replace the protection (nappy, pad etc)

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Make Some Changes to Your Diet

Depending on the cause of your incontinence, you might be advised to make some dietary changes. For constipation, it is useful to eat more high-fibre foods, such as vegetables, fruits and wholegrain food.                


Practise Bowel Incontinence Exercises

Place one hand on your chest, the other on your abdomen. Your hand should not move while you squeeze the anal muscle. Tighten the anal muscle for 20-30 seconds. Do not squeeze abruptly, try instead to gradually tighten up the muscles over a period of 5 seconds. Then maintain the squeeze for 20-30 seconds. Take shallow breaths from the chest with only minimal movement of the abdomen. Gradually relax the muscle over 5 seconds. Ensure you do not relax too suddenly.

Do you have Severe Faecal Incontinence?

For people with severe faecal incontinence or no bowel control, we recommend wearing an all in one pad (nappy style product).

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    1. Moderator 1 Reply

      We’d recommend you to have a check with your local GP that could refer you to a specialist if needs be.
      Once you’ve managed to identify the root of the issue, you can visit our forum who will guide you through how to deal with general incontinence on a daily basis.

  1. Emjay Reply

    It is my 94yr old husband who has the incontinence. He appears to have no control when he has a bowel movement & is causing a lot of work for me. He will not discuss the matter with his GP or let me do it for him. He has been using various pads but still makes a mess. What would you recommend he uses as regular pants? I would appreciate a reply. Thanks. M. Joy.

    1. Beth Reply

      For more severe incontinence like you describe it may be worth trying out incontinence slips, which are an all-in-one solution with maximum security against leaks for faecal incontinence. They are also easy for yourself or your husband to change as they unfasten at the sides.

      You can find a great range here

      If you decide to try, let us know how you get on!

      We would also definitely recommend talking to your husbands GP in case the incontinence is is a sign of underlying issues. The GP can also recommend more solutions to help manage this.

  2. STu Reply

    Personally I feel safer from accidents by wearing a slip, Tena maxi slip or the flex but Attends slips are good with plastic pants over the slip . Definately advise dark trousers or shorts when wearing a slip nobody will notice and adjustable waistband trousers are good with a belt

  3. Patricia Ross Reply

    I have a grade 3 rectocele & interstitial cystitis. I have recently had 2 horrible episodes of fecal incontinence. I am looking for incontinence pants that MUST have a cotton gusset otherwise I will have vulval inflammation & reaction. Can you please advise me.

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