Choosing Men’s Pull Up Incontinence Pants

Men’s pull up incontinence pants are becoming more popular due to their discreet, normal underwear feel.  

There are various different types of men’s pull up pants, and choosing the right product can be life-changing.


What are the Main Benefits of Pull Up Pants?

  • Perfect for users with an active lifestyle
  • The ease of buying an all-in-one product rather than shopping separately
  • Discreet appearance that looks like normal underwear
  • No rustling or noise during use
  • A comfortable, elasticated feel
  • Odour Technology
  • Built in absorbent pad, meaning you won’t have to buy both pants and a pad
  • A comfortable, soft material
  • A sense of flexibility and freedom
  • Snug, close fit
  • An option for both washable and disposable pants

Are Pull Up Pants for Incontinence Suitable for You?

These pants are slightly harder to put on and remove than incontinence pads and all in ones. They are therefore much more ideal for those who are fully mobile and independent. Pull up pants are also perfect for those who are worried about a product looking bulky and nappy-like. If you prefer the security of a garment with a built-in pad, pull ups are an ideal option for men.


Choosing the Best Incontinence Pants for You


Choose the Right Absorbency Level

Most pants display their absorbency on the packaging. It is useful to compare different brands of products before choosing one, as you can ensure you are getting the best for your money. For heavy incontinence, ensure you choose a Super or Maxi product.


If you have Sensitive Skin, check they are Suitable for You

If you have sensitive skin or reactions to strong scents, choose a product specially designed for sensitive skin. If your skin doesn’t react well to latex, you can find latex free material products. It is also recommended to use a soft material waistband that allows the skin to fully breathe. Most pants offer a breathable outer covering that helps skin breathe.


Are you on a Budget?

If you are on a budget, you can choose more economical brands such as iD Expert and Lille Healthcare. You can also buy in bulk to save money, which means you won’t have to worry about buying products as frequently.


“I Need Extra Absorbency, Now What?”            

If you find your pull up pants are not absorbent enough for you, you need to consider the level you have chosen. If your incontinence is severe, consider trying an all in one product. Another option is to use a booster pad, which serves as a cheaper alternative to buying a more absorbent product.

Popular Men’s Pull Up Incontinence Pants

  • Wide distinctive waistband
  • Suitable for users who are more active
  • 1010ml absorbency
  • Engineered for men
  • Odour neutralising technology
  • Dual leakage barriers
  • Soft stretchaterial
  • Discreet and comfortable fit
  • Masculine look and feel
  • Highly absorbent core
  • Specially designed to fit the male anatomy


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  • T-FLEX™ Protection with LYCRA
  • Discrete design
  • Guaranteed overnight protection
  • Lycra material
  • Flexible leg technology
  • Super absorbency beads
  • Smooth, sleek look for complete discretion
  • Tailored for a man’s physique
  • Smooth waistband


Shop on Allanda from £5.95


  • Fast absorption, dry surface to reduce skin irritation
  • Adhesive strip
  • Unique Odour Control
  • Specially designed to fit a male's body
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Highly absorbent core
  • Provides maximum comfort and leakage security
  • Masculine Design

Buy TENA Men Premium Fit Level 4 on Incontinence Supermarket from £6.30

  • Flexible shape
  • Absorbent core to reduce the risk of leakage
  • Natural odour protection
  • Quick-dry acquisition layer
  • Breathable material
  • Fast absorption
  • Active zone area
  • Breathable elasticated waistband
  • Leakage barrier


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