What are the Different Types of Light Incontinence Products?

When it is unnecessary to buy the most absorbent all in ones for your leaks, it can be hard to know what your options are when choosing light incontinence products.

The taboo of incontinence prevents both men and women from seeking help and finding protection. A recent study found that one in five women with incontinence never sought help or thought that medical help was available. 60% of those women were worried that others would see think of them as old or less attractive. However, there is now a range of products in the market that offer discretion as well as optimum protection. You can manage your incontinence without other people knowing you are even wearing a product.


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The following products are popular options for managing light incontinence:



Small Shaped Pads

Small shaped pads allow for optimum protection without you having to completely change the product. These products are light and subtle, whilst protecting you against small leakages. Larger shaped pads, on the other hand, are generally more suited for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence and faecal smearing. A study in 2004 set out to evaluate the current range of disposable pads for people with light incontinence available in the UK. Sixty community-based women aged 50 or older were recruited to the study from several locations in the UK. All of the pads tested performed well in terms of their ability to hold urine without leakage.


Key Benefits:                                                     

  • Shaped pads are available in gender-specific designs
  • They are easy to change
  • They are designed to fit close to your body
  • Easy to put on and remove



Who are they ideal for? Pads are perfect for those who are less mobile or bed bound, as they do not require a complete product change. They are simply inserted into the pants and can be removed once they are used.


How to Wear These: Shaped pads can be worn inside regular underwear or net and lycra fixation pants to maximise their protection. Unlike diapers or disposable underwear, shaped pads are simply inserted into the pants and can be removed once they are used.


Insert Pads                                                  


Insert pads are often rectangular in shape. Like shaped pads, insert pads also feature waterproof backing, providing maximum leakage security. To prevent any unwanted pad movement, they feature a highly absorbent core and adhesive backing.


Key Benefits:

  • Insert pads are very small and can be carried round in your purse
  • Supplied with sticky fixing tapes to hold them in place
  • Feature adhesive backing to prevent any unwanted pad movement
  • Ideal if you find the rectangular shape more comfortable than a body-shaped pad


Who are they ideal for? Often called “straight pads” or “mini-pads”, insert pads are ideal for people who are bedridden or wheelchair-bound, as they reduce the need for a full diaper change.


How to wear them: For a close body fit, it is recommended that you wear the pads inside net pants. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing them inside normal underwear, this is another option. 



Pull Up Pants

Pull up pants are designed to feel just like normal underwear. Pull up pants offer a much higher absorbency level compared to washable pants.


Key Benefits:

  • Provide a sense of flexibility and freedom
  • No rustling or noise during use
  • Discreet appearance
  • Comfortable for those with an active lifestyle


Who are they ideal for? Pull up pants are slightly harder suitable for mobile users and those who will not have problems with doing a full product change independently. They are also perfect if you feel that light pads often move around while you are wearing them.


How to wear them: You can wear these pants by themselves, just like normal underwear. Unlike some bulky diapers, pull up pants will not resemble baby diapers or make you feel insecure.


Booster Pads   


You can wear a booster pad if you need to increase product absorbency. Booster pads feature a flow-through backing, which allows excess liquids to flow through to the core product underneath. The addition of adhesive tapes allows you to stick them securely in the crotch or bowel area of the core absorbent incontinence product. You can even stack booster pads for extra absorbency.



Key Benefits:

  • Provide you with extra reassurance
  • Provide added capacity at night
  • Useful for people who are bedridden or wheelchair bound
  • Easy to put on and remove


Who are they ideal for? Booster pads are ideal if you need to increase product absorbency, preventing the need to replace expensive products.


How to wear them: You should not wear these products alone in normal underwear. Ensure you are wearing an absorbent product alongside these pads. Built-in adhesive tapes allow you to stick them securely in the crotch or bowel area of the core absorbent incontinence product.


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