4 Tips for Finding the Best Incontinence Pads for You

Buying incontinence products requires a good understanding of your needs and the different options. Read our 4 tips for finding the best incontinence pads for you. 


Research before Choosing a Style

When choosing a pad, do not just go for the first style you see. There are plenty of options of products that suit different lifestyles and levels of incontinence. If you have severe incontinence, all in ones (slips) will be more suitable for you. Shaped pads, on the other hand, are often used for light to heavy incontinence. Insert pads and booster pads on the other hand, are designed to be worn inside another product for extra absorbency. It is also vital to consider whether you will be comfortable in a certain design. Some people feel more discreet in a shaped pad, whereas others feel more comfortable in an all in one.


Choose the Absorbency Wisely

Absorbency is the most important aspect of a product. Ensure you understand the difference between different absorbency levels before selecting one.

In order of light to heavy, most incontinence products are available in Normal, Plus, Extra, Super and Maxi.


How Sensitive is Your Skin?

Many people are so eager to choose a product that they forget about this important factor. Incontinence associated dermatitis is a condition that can occur when the skin becomes irritated due to exposure to urine and faeces.

If you have sensitive skin, you can find hypoallergenic products that are designed especially for skin that is irritated easily.

Think about Your Budget

To save money, we recommend bulk buying incontinence products. This allows you to save a lot of time and money, meaning you don’t need to frequently buy products.

If there is a more economical option than the one you usually choose, consider trying it out. Often, people shop depending on which brand is more popular. However, if you are saving money, we recommend being willing to try all different brands.


What are Your Options of Pads?


For Faecal Incontinence: For faecal incontinence, it is recommended to choose a pad with a Maxi absorbency, or a high absorbency all in one pad.


For Nocturnal Enuresis: Choosing a pad for night time often depends on your comfort preferences. However, shaped pads do tend to move around during the night. We recommend trying an all in one slip or belted all in one for night time use. It is also wise to choose a pad that is heavier than the one you wear in the day, as you will be wearing the pad for longer.


For Light or Stress Incontinence: For light or stress incontinence, shaped pads are recommended. The lower absorbency shaped pads are ideal for light incontinence, however there is no harm in choosing a higher absorbency pad for extra confidence. You can even find pads specially designed for men and women, which provide a close body fit for each sex.


Heavy Urge or Overflow Incontinence: For heavy incontinence, we recommend either choosing a Maxi shaped pad, or an all in one pad. For severe incontinence, a heavy absorbency all in one is recommended. A booster pad can also help provide additional absorbency if needed, which can put you at ease.

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Recommended Shaped Pads

Buy TENA Comfort Mini on Allanda

  • Ideal for light incontinence
  • Slim and small in size
  • Dry Fast Core

From £2.85

Buy iD Light Super on Incontinence Supermarket

  • Designed for women with light to moderate incontinence
  • Thin and discreet
  • Double anti-leak barriers


Recommend All in One Pads

Buy iD Expert Belt Maxi on Allanda

  • Cotton Feel
  • Velcro Fastening
  • Anti-leak cuffs
  • Multiple layers of super absorbent polymers


Buy TENA Slip Maxi on Incontinence Supermarket

  • ConfioAir textile feel breathable back sheet
  • Curved double leg elastics
  • Designed in a subtle lilac colour
  • Extra wide hook tapes


Recommended Booster Pads

Buy Attends Deoplus on Incontinence Supermarket

  • Rectangular Shaped Pads
  • Plastic Polyethylene back sheet
  • 400mls absorbency level
  • Effective absorbent core  helps to improve leakage prevention and ensure your skin is kept dry throughout the day
  • Disposable


Buy Attends Coldex Endless on Allanda

  • Nonwoven back sheet which allows liquid to pass through the core quickly into the primary pad
  • The fluff core has no superabsorbents making this product suitable for faecal smearing
    This insert pad can be used as a booster pad for additional absorbency


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