The Best Overnight Pull Ups for Adults

Pull up pants are incontinence pants that feel just like normal underwear. Many people prefer these pants to pads, as they can provide a more discreet feel.

Unlike some shaped pads, pull up pants will not move around in the night and ruin your night’s sleep or allow for leaks.


Choosing Overnight Pull Ups for Adults

Having a reliable pant for night time is important, as you will be wearing it for a long period of time without changes. Ensure you consider the following factors when looking for a pant:


High Absorption

Try and look for a more absorbent level than the pants you would wear in the day time. With night time products, it is extra important to choose a high absorbency level that will keep you dry. You should generally aim to choose Maxi, Super and Extra absorbency.

Consider your Mobility

Consider your mobility levels when looking for an incontinence pant. Some pants feature an elasticated band, whereas others have tear-away side seams which can be quicker to remove. Pants with side seams are recommended for individuals with functional incontinence or low mobility.


Suitable Material for Your Skin

If you have sensitive skin, hypoallergenic inner material prevents skin infections and rashes.If your skin doesn’t react well to latex, you can find latex free material products. It is also recommended to use a soft material waistband that allows the skin to fully breathe. Most pants offer a breathable outer covering that prevents stuffiness and helps the skin breathe.

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Maximum Comfort                                           

Comfort is also hugely important when choosing a night time products. It is recommended to buy a sample product to ensure it is comfortable on your skin before using them during the night.

A Close Fit

To ensure your pull up pants perform to the highest standard, you need to choose the most accurate fit for you. You need an accurate measurement of your hips before buying a product to ensure a close fit.

The Best Overnight Pull Ups for Adults

TENA Pants Maxi

Popular and commonly worn by all ages, TENA pants are designed with a soft and stretchy material, shaping to the body for comfort. With an elastic leg opening, the pants aren’t restrictive or limiting during use.

Key Features

  • New anti-leakage barrier
  • Elasticated waist
  • Thin and pliable material
  • Breathable material
  • Elastic leg opening
  • Higher and softer anti-leakage barriers
  • Dual absorption zone

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iD Pants Super

These pants are manufactured with a cotton feel fabric and breathable textile backing. iD Pants feature dry zone technology to promote fast absorption into the core and lock liquid in. This brand is known for creating skin-friendly, soft feel products.

Key Features

  • Pull up and down like normal underwear
  • Manufactured using a Cotton Feel fabric
  • Proven not to cause skin irritation
  • Outer and Inner leg cuffs for extra anti-leak protection
  • Breathable textile backing
  • Side tears for easy removal

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Attends Pull Ons 8

Attends Pull Ons feature a breathable elasticated waistband and provide a flexible shape. The side panels in the pants can be easily opened for removal. 

Key Features

  • Breathable textile backing
  • Suitable for both bladder and faecal incontinence
  • New higher waist rise
  • Flexible fit
  • Quick dry acquisition layer
  • Active zone for fast absorption

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Depend Comfort Protect

Depend Comfort Protect are an economical and comfortable solution for managing incontinence. The pants have been manufactured to ensure they feel just like normal underwear. Depend Comfort Protect have an absorbency level of 1360ml, so we recommend using a higher absorbency pant if your incontinence is severe.

Key Features 

  • Flexible Fit
  • Designed for active users
  • Dry Lock Core
  • Lycra Strands
  • Elastic Waist Band
  • Oval cut leg

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 Managing Incontinence at Night: Our Tips

  • Invest in a good bed pad. A good bed pad will protect your bedding from any accidental leaks, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep.
  • Cut down on fluids before bed. Don’t avoid fluids altogether, as dehydration can irritate the bladder. However, try not to drink a lot of fluids in the evening and late afternoon.
  • Try a bed wetting alarm. In a bedwetting alarm, a special sensor causes a bell or buzzer to go off at the start of urination. This ensures you get out of bed and reach the toilet before having an accident.
  • Do bladder training exercises to improve your urinary control. Practising holding your urine for longer during the day can train your bladder and help prevent leaks.
  • Enquire about medication. If natural treatment methods have not worked for you, you can ask your Doctor about any medication that would be suitable for you.

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