What are Incontinence Plastic Pants for Adults?

You may have heard a lot about the different absorbent incontinence products. However, if you are looking for further protection, it could be time to look for plastic pants.

Plastic incontinence pants, also known as "protective pants", provide that extra bit of protection over an absorbent product. These products are designed to contain odour and prevent leaks from seeping through products. The design of plastic pants has improved drastically since the 1960s. There is an advanced selection of plastic pants, as well as improved features and material.

Why Wear Plastic Incontinence Pants?

  • They provide excellent security for both urinary and faecal incontinence
  • They are designed from rustle-free PVC, making them discreet and comfortable.
  • They provide peace of mind and additional security. Are leakages in the back of your mind, regardless of how heavy your product is? Plastic pants provide you with confidence and peace of mind.
  • You won't have to worry about side leakage again. If you find leakage sometimes leak through the side of a product, plastic pants are specially designed to prevent this.
  • They have high durability. Waterproof plastic pants are washable and durable, saving you time and money. This allows you to put frequent shopping trips in the past.
  • They can protect bedding and clothing. The plastic in the pants is effective in providing a reliable barrier your leaks and your clothes or bedding.
  • They are effective at masking smells. Plastic pants are effective at containing odour if you have a leak from your product underneath.


  • Some people find plastic pants warm and uncomfortable. To combat discomfort, it is recommended to wear a larger product such as a nappy or pant underneath, rather than a shaped pad on its own. Many people also use talcum powder to alleviate discomfort. 
  • Some plastic pants require washing in the sink. Whilst some plastic pants can be washed in the washing machine, others should be washed in the sink by hand. This can often be time-consuming and convenient.
  • Plastic pants take a while to adapt to. If you are used to cotton-feel material, plastic pants can take several days or weeks to get used to. 
  • The pants provide less flexibility for some people. As plastic feels very different to cotton and gel, many people find they restrict movement.

How are Plastic Incontinence Pants Worn?

Plastic incontinence pants are designed to be worn over disposable or washable products. Alongside a product, they can provide the ultimate protection for urinary and faecal leaks.


You can wear the following products underneath them:

Pull up pants- these are recommend if you are very active and have moderate to heavy incontinence.

A pull up pant design









All in ones- these are ideal for people you have low mobility and heavy to severe incontinence.

All in One Nappy Design

Struggling to Choose an Absorbent Product? Read our Guide to Washable Incontinence Pants vs Disposable Incontinence Pants

Popular Plastic Incontinence Pants

The technology that Kanga pants use is called polyurethane coated or laminated nylon. Polyurethane is a flexible, breathable, waterproof material that is  soft, fully waterproof and comfortable.

  • Provide a snug comfortable seal against the skin
  • Designed to be worn over disposable pads/pants
  • Ideal for night time usage
  • Thin, lightweight material

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The soft vinyl eliminates crinkling sounds offering dependable and discreet protection. The pants are designed to stay soft after each wash.

  • Elasticated waist
  • Standard medical material
  • Spill block technology for added protection
  • Rustle-free
  • Waterproof
  • Unique spill-block technology
  • Ideal for urinary and faecal incontinence

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Our Tip on Plastic Pants

Choose a Design to Suit your Lifestyle

Some products are thicker than others and offer more coverage if needed. Some pants offer wide leg cuts for those people who may need help dressing or removing their incontinent pants. You can also choose a pant in either a short brief design or with longer legs. 

Size is Vital for Comfort

Pants that are a little bit too small can become painful quickly. To avoid pants rubbing against the skin, choose a pant in the right size. We recommend ordering a sample first, so you can determine whether the size is ideal for you. 

Skin Health is Important

Choosing the right product can be a relief. However, remember to look after your skin. Avoid incontinence-associated dermatitis by using the correct skin cleansing products and incontinence wipes when you change products. 

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  1. John Hearnden Reply

    I am having problems finding pads to fit into my loose fitting trunks underwear.
    Do have any suggestions or should I change my underwear?
    I am 72 and suffer from light incontinence.

  2. Malcolm Reply

    I’ve used plastic pants for years for bed wetting.purchse regular underwear size for wearing over disposable diapers but move one size up when wearing over Terry towelling diapers.

  3. John Mountford Reply

    My name is John Mountford.
    I suffer with incontinence day and night.
    I wear pads in the day time and a nappy at night time with rubber incontinence pants on for protection + I use sudocrem for nappy rash

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