Are Washable Incontinence Knickers Suitable for You?

Washable incontinence knickers are preferred by some women due to their normal underwear feel and discretion. The design of a lightweight pant has improved many people’s quality of life.

What are Washable Incontinence Knickers?

Washable incontinence knickers are women’s pants that protect against light leakages. The knickers are designed with a soft, cotton material, providing a similar feel to normal underwear. Like the name suggests, they are designed in the style of women’s knickers. Many women prefer this design of incontinence pants, as they are discreet and do not feel different to normal underwear.

Example of incontinence knickers

Are Washable Incontinence Knickers Suitable for You?

Washable incontinence knickers are designed for light incontinence, and are particularly popular amongst women with stress incontinence. They are perfect if you are looking for a product that feels just like normal underwear and does not have a “bulky” feel. Washable knickers are also a good option for those wanting to save money in the long term, as they can be reused many times. If you are fed up with making frequent trips for incontinence products, washable pants may be the best option for you.

Do you Recommend any Washables?

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Types of Washable Incontinence Knickers

Absorbent Incontinence Knickers

Absorbent knickers can be worn on their own, providing reliable absorbency for light leaks. Absorbent knickers are available in various colours, most commonly white and black.

Protective Knickers

These products are designed to be worn over the top of disposable products to provide additional protection. Buying these can be cost-effective, preventing the need to buy a new, expensive products.

Pouch Pants

Women's pouch pant knickers are designed to keep insert pads securely in place. Like the other designs of incontinence knickers, they feel just like normal underwear. 

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Our Tips for Buying Washable Incontinence Knickers


Ensure the pants fit snugly

An accurate fit can make all the difference. Before buying a pant, ensure you measure your waist before purchasing a product.


Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is an effective way to save money long-term. It can also rid you of the hassle of constantly buying products.


Consider a Booster Pad

If you feel you need extra protection, or are making a long journey, consider a booster pad. These save you from buying a more expensive product, and can put your mind at ease.


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Popular Washable Incontinence Knickers

Ladies Cotton Comfy 100mls, Black

  • Absorbent incontinence brief
  • 100% cotton brief with built-in absorbent pad with waterproof back
  • 100mls
  • Cost Effective Over the Lifetime of the Brief
  • 93-102cm

Shop for £7.95 on Allanda 

Ladies Pouch Pants, White

  • Stay dry layer lining next to skin to keep you dry
  • Keep insert pads in place
  • Waterproof layer protects from leakage
  • 100% Cotton
  • White
  • Look and feel like normal underwear
  • Machine washable
  • Wide range of sizes
  • High quality, full fitting brief

Shop for £8.28 on Incontinence Supermarket

Ladies Protective Pants, White

  • Elasticated waist and legs for maximum security
  • Give a snug comfortable seal 
  • Designed to be worn over disposable pads/pants or washable incontinence products
  • Ideal for night time usage
  • 100% Cotton outer and inner layer for comfort
  • Concealed waterproof plastic liner
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees C

Shop on Allanda for £7.95

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