The Best Bowel Incontinence Products for Travelling

Travelling can be a daunting experience if you have faecal incontinence. Worries about discretion, leakages and odour can easily ruin your travelling experience.

Choosing Bowel Incontinence Products for Travelling

  • The best choice of protection for travelling with faecal incontinence is an all in one pad. When you are travelling, you will be sat down for a long period of time. All in one pads are generally the most absorbent, and are ideal for wearing for a long time. If your incontinence is not heavy and you are walking round lot however, you may try a pull up pant.

  • Invest in incontinence wipes. Incontinence wipes can keep you clean and fresh when travelling with faecal incontinence. They can also provide you with confidence if you are worried about odours when travelling. You are normally allowed tot pack incontinence wipes in your carry-on luggage. These wipes are sold in convenient travel-size packs, meaning it is not too much weight to carry around.

  • Ensure you are comfortable. Choosing the right size product is especially important before travelling, as you will sat in the same place for a long time, and often walking a lot as well. The right size means maximum absorption, and this means you are protected from leaks. If you are trying a new design before your holiday, ensure you do so weeks before so you know you will be comfortable in the product.

  • Bring a Scented Disposal bag. It is more hygienic to dispose products in a scented bag than on their own. If there is not a bin available when you are travelling, you can also carry your products in this bag inside your luggage. These bags are designed to mask odours, so you also don’t need to worry about others detecting the smell.

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Travelling with Incontinence: Our Tips

Talk to your Doctor about Medication

If you are really worried about incontinence getting in the way of your trip or holiday, it is wise to talk to a Doctor and discuss any medication available. Do not buy medication without the guidance of a Doctor, as this could be dangerous for your health.

Watch What you Eat and Drink

Air conditioning on planes and trains can be dehydrating, so water is the ideal choice of fluid. Try and avoid any caffeine, alcohol or spicy foods. Citrus fruits can also irritate the bladder and bowel, so try and avoid these. Don’t be tempted to stop drinking fluids, as dehydration can worsen faecal incontinence. Eating light meals can help you prevent constipation of an upset stomach.

Move Around when You Can

Stretching and walking around when you can will help with circulation and digestion. You can also try seated exercises.

Be Prepared

It can be helpful to pack a few extra products than you would normally use in a week for extra precautions. As opposed to being at home, you might not always know where the nearest toilet is.

Bring a Change of Clothing

If you have room, it can be wise to bring a change of clothes in case of leakage. It can also be useful to wear black or dark clothing if you are worried about leaking through.

The Best Bowel Incontinence Products for Travelling

  • All in One Bodyworn Incontinence Pad
  • Fixation Tabs
  • Curved Double Leg Elastics

From £12.60

Buy TENA Slip

  • Belted Pad
  • Breathable Textile Back Sheet
  • Anatomically shaped core

From £13.05

Buy Attends Flex

  • Hygienic disposal
  • Easy-tie handles
  • Delicate fragrance


Buy Pop-ins Incontinence Disposal Bag

  • 25 wipes per pack
  • Soft and strong material
  • Soap and water alternative
  • Cleanse, moisturise and deodorise


Buy Conti Continence Care Wipes

  • Natural plant extracts
  • Thick, high quality non woven spun lace
  • Cleansing Cloths
  • Paraben and lanolin free
  • Travel size


Buy ContiPlan Travel Size All in One Cloths

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    What is the best way to get through airport security? I wore a sanitary pad and was stopped and patted down and I had to tell the guard I was wearing a sanitary pad. Very embarrassing seeing a profile on the screen showing something in my pants.

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