What are The Different Faecal Incontinence Pads for Men?

If you are a male with faecal incontinence, there are different options of pads for you. Remaining the most popular product option, there are pads available for various absorbencies.

Incontinence pads are disposable, so tend to have a higher absorbency potential than washable products. Pads are available in discreet and small designs and well as larger, heavier pads.

What are the Different Faecal Incontinence Pads for Men?

You can find incontinence products designed specially for men, in addition to products for both sexes. You have the option of the following designs of incontinence pads for men:

All in Ones

All in one pads are the most absorbent pad design, often known as the “nappy style” product.



  • All in ones can be worn for a long period of time
  • They are suitable for use during the night, as they do not move around
  • They have very high absorbency
  • They can be worn alone without fixation pants


  • Some individuals find these pads have too much padding
  • They can sometimes feel restricting, compared to some other products

Belted All in One Pads

The belted pads are incontinence pads combined with a belt fixation.

Belted all in one

Recommended Product

  • Cotton Feel
  • Velcro Fastening
  • Anti-leak cuffs
  • Multiple layers of super absorbent polymers


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All in One Slips (Fixation Tapes)

Slips are a type of all in one which features fixation tapes or tabs, instead of a belt. 

Recommended Product

  • ConfioAir textile feel breathable back sheet
  • Curved double leg elastics
  • Designed in a subtle lilac colour
  • Extra wide hook tapes


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Shaped Pads

You can find shaped pads that are specially designed for men, as well as pads that are body shaped for men and women.

Recommended Products

  • Ideal for heavy incontinence
  • Specially designed for men
  • Pack of 21
  • Discreet
  • 2800ml
  • Nonwoven material


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  • Close fit
  • Breathable waterproof back sheet
  • Hydrophobic inner leg cuffs
  • Rustle free polyethylene


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 Insert Pads

For very light faecal incontinence/smearing, insert pads are ideal for use with pouch pants or as a booster pad for extra absorbency.

Recommend Products

  • Nonwoven Polyethylene Back Sheet
  • Nonwoven topsheet
  • To be used in conjunction with other Pads
  • Fluff absorbent core material



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Which Pad Design is Ideal for you?

For heavy faecal incontinence- we recommend using an all in one pad (flex or slip). These have the highest absorbency and are commonly recommended for people with heavy urinary and faecal incontinence.


For moderate faecal incontinence- we recommend using a shaped pad with a high absorbency, such as a Super or Maxi product. Some men prefer wearing pads that are specially designed for men, however you need to find a pad with a high absorbency level.


For light faecal incontinence- some pads are specially designed for light faecal incontinence smearing. Some booster pads that are designed for faecal leaks are suitable for this. You can also find shaped pads are specially designed to manage faecal incontinence, such as the Attends f6 pad.

What Can Cause Faecal Incontinence in Men?


  • Nerve damage. Conditions affecting the nerves, such as Diabetes, spinal cord injury and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Damage to the rectum through radiation. A common cause of this is treatment for prostate cancer
  • Impairment to cognitive functioning. Men who have suffered a Stroke or have a condition such as Alzheimer’s Disease often experience bowel problems
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Severe Constipation
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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