The Benefits of Using Nappy Booster Pads

Nappy booster pads, also known as “insert pads” are multi-functional solution. Whilst often disregarded, they can highly improve quality of life.

The main purpose using a nappy booster pad is to add absorbency to another absorbent product, meaning you are more protected and can wear a product for longer. Booster pads are effective thanks to their flow-through design. This feature allows the booster pad to fill up to its full capacity first, and then pass additional fluid to the absorbent product.

How to Wear Booster Pads

Booster pads should be worn inside an incontinence pull up pant or all in one product. Women should position the pad towards the back for the best protection, whereas men should position the pad towards the front. Men should fold the booster pad over the top of the penis with release paper to the outside. Ensure you wear an additional absorbent product as normal. If you are a side sleeper, it can be helpful to place the booster pad across the stomach, placed adhesive side up.

Benefits of Using Nappy Booster Pads    


Their Small Size Makes them Easy to Travel With

The small size of booster pads means they are excellent for taking with you for on-the-go changes. They will be able to fit in most bags, big or small. You can also carry them in your pocket or purse for maximum discretion.


They are Cost Effective

As opposed to buying a new product with more absorbency, buying a booster pad can save serious money. In comparison to highly absorbent products such as all in ones, booster pads are much cheaper and will make your purse lighter in the long-run.


They Provide Extra Absorbency and Confidence

Are you constantly worried about leaking through your product? Booster pads will help give you back your confidence and stop worrying about embarrassing leaks. You can read more about managing your level of incontinence in our living with incontinence section.


They Help You Stay Dry for Longer

You won’t have to worry about changing your incontinence product as frequently, as you will stay drier for longer with the help of a booster pad.


They are Perfect for Travelling Long Distances

Do you need extra protection during a long journey, however fear a bulky, uncomfortable product? A booster pad can be the answer, meaning you can sit through long car journeys with ease and not get too hot or uncomfortable.

Are you Travelling with Incontinence? Read our Guide to Choosing Travel Incontinence Products

If Needed, You Can Double Up!

Unlike other incontinence products, you can double up booster pads due to their flow-through design. This will allow you to wear your absorbent product for even longer, and provide even more back up to prevent you from leaking through.


They are Beneficial for People who are Bedridden

Booster pads are much easier to remove than many pull up incontinence pants or all in one products, making them ideal for people with low mobility.

Popular Booster Pads for Incontinence

Lille Healthcare Classic Pad Extra

  • Ideal for use as a booster pad
  • Textile Back Sheet
  • Breathable material
  • Thin and Discreet
  • Waterproof Polythene Backing
  • New Generation Super Absorbency Polymer

Buy for £3.69 on Incontinence Supermarket

Attends Deoplus

  • Rectangular Shaped Pads
  • Plastic Polyethylene back sheet
  • 400mls absorbency level
  • Disposable
  • Ensure your skin is kept dry throughout the day
  • Nonwoven back sheet

Buy for £7.19 on Incontinence Supermarket

Attends Coldex Endless

  • Nonwoven Polyethylene Back Sheet
  • Fluff Absorption Core Material
  • Nonwoven Topsheet
  • Suitable for providing extra absorbency
  • For use with a Washable Pouch Pant or as a Booster Pad
  • To be used in conjunction with other Pads
  • Natural Odour Protection

Buy for £5.14 on Incontinence Supermarket

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    I have to wear nappys all my life because of severe TRAUNMATIC brain injury.WHAT ARE THE MOST ABSORBENT DISPOSABLE NAPPYS FOR WOMEN.

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    1 have to wear 3 pads at night, a nappy plus 2 pads with waterproof backing on pads removed what single protection with highest absorbant level can i buy?

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