Different Types of Incontinence Pads: The Pros and Cons

Pads are suitable for light to severe incontinence, and are available in various different designs. Pads remain the most popular method. 

Throughout the years, pads have become more discreet, subtle and convenient. With the diverse range available in the market, there is no need to be worried about buying a product.


What are the Different Types of Incontinence Pads?

Different incontinence pad designs suit different people. Before choosing a pad, you should be aware of these three main designs:

All in One Pads

All in ones are designed to be worn on their own and are recommended for individuals with heavy to severe incontinence. You can purchase all in ones in both slip and belted pads.

Incontinence Slips

These pads are all in ones with fixation tabs

Belted Incontinence Pads

These pads are all in ones that are belted for security

The Pros                                                   
  • These pads are ideal for night time use as well as day time use, as they will not move around
  • All in one pads are very absorbent and do not require use with fixation pants
  • These pads are also the most absorbent pad style, meaning they can be worn for a long period of time
  • They are also more suitable for immobile use, as they are easy to remove and put on
The Cons
  • These pads are designed like traditional nappies, meaning users sometimes find these pads have too much padding in comparison to others
  • They are less ideal for active users than pull up pants. Active people sometimes find that incontinence pull up pants provide more freedom of movement than all in ones

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Shaped Pads


The Pros                                        

  • Shaped pads are close fit and anatomically shaped for discretion
  • You can purchase shaped pads in designs specifically for men and women
  • The smaller pads in this range are designed with very thin and discreet material
  • These pads are light and pleasant on the skin


The Cons 


  • Larger shaped pads can sometimes move around over time, especially at night time. This increases the risk of leakages
  • Some shaped pads are not suitable for very heavy leakages

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Insert Pads

  • These pads are designed to be worn inside pouch pants for light incontinence
  • You can also use these as a booster to provide extra absorbency

The Pros

  • Inserts work well as a low-cost incontinence pad in normal underwear
  • They are cost effective. Insert pads are cheaper than buying a new more absorbent product when seeking extra absorbency
  • These pads are very discreet. They are ideal for those on a budget as an alternative to a new expensive product

The Cons

  • These pads are very small and are not suitable for heavy leaks

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What Products do we Recommend?

All in Ones

Buy TENA Slip Maxi

  • Secure fixation tabs
  • Fully breathable
  • ConfioAir

From £12.29

Buy TENA Flex Maxi

  • Belt fixation
  • “Superfit” waistband
  • ComfiStretch Elastics

From £13.65

Buy Lille SupremFit

  • High density core
  • Snug Fit
  • Waterproof back sheet

From £9.25

Shaped Pads

  • Odour Control
  • Cotton Feel
  • Discreet
  • Thin & Light
  • Specially designed for extra freedom and movement

From £2.19

Buy iD for Men

  • Shaped like feminine towels
  • For light incontinence
  • Small and thin
  • Maximum discretion

From £1.64

Buy iD Expert Light

  • Popular option for light incontinence
  • Small, slim pad
  • Ultra white dry system
  • Dry fast core

From £2.85

Buy TENA Comfort Mini

Insert Pads

  • Rectangular Insert Incontinence Pads for use with Pouch Pants
  • For Light Incontinence


Buy Lille Classic Pad Insert Mini

  • Rectangular insert pads
    Ideal for use with pouch pants or a booster pad
    Ideal for managing faecal smearing


Buy Attends Coldex Insert Pad

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