Women Suffering from Gestational Diabetes Mellitus have Increased Risk of Urinary Incontinence


A 2012 study published by Taiwanese doctors in the online British obstetrics journal BJOG, has found that women who suffer from gestational diabetes mellitus have an increased risk of various forms of urinary incontinence. Moreover, these doctors found that contrary to common belief, symptoms did not tend to subside soon after delivery but rather, continued to plague women as long as two years post-delivery.

Researchers found that at the two year mark, women with gestational diabetes mellitus suffered more severe symptoms of stress incontinence than women who did not develop this condition while pregnant. Urge incontinence and mixed incontinence tended to go away faster, with the most severe symptoms reported six months post-delivery.

For these women, their reported quality of life was greatly affected by urinary incontinence. As a result, the study’s authors are calling for more research on the relationship between urinary incontinence and gestational diabetes mellitus, and faster consultation and support when symptoms are reported.

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