Men could be Saved from Incontinence with a New Nerve Detector

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A technology that has been successfully used in other medical procedures is now being applied during surgery to help prevent incontinence and erectile dysfunction for men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. Approved for use in the UK, the ProPep Nerve Monitoring System can precisely identify nerves around the prostate gland, thereby helping surgeons avoid damaging them.

It is estimated that approximately 30% of prostate cancer patients experience some erectile dysfunction after surgery to remove their prostate glands. While often these effects are temporary, for one in five men, they can last longer than two years, greatly impacting their quality of life.

Currently, doctors rely on anatomical markers to gauge proximity to these nerves, which is not precise. This technological advancement can assist surgeons in avoiding these nerves by placing electrodes in the tissue surrounding the prostate and urethra and sending a small electric current through the tissue. Because nerves are excellent electricity transmitters, the ProPep emits a signal when nerves are detected.

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