Pregnant Woman Suffering Bladder Frequency Problems is Fired from her Job

For one pregnant woman in Kansas City, when it came to accommodating for her need to use the bathroom, her workplace took a different approach: it terminated her. Like millions of other women, April Roller was delighted with her pregnancy, but had to endure unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms like nausea, dizziness, and frequent urination. Roller’s manager at National Processing of America, a call centre, complained about her frequent departures from her desk, pregnancy-related shoes, and offered inappropriate solutions such as vomiting into a trashcan stored below her desk.

Roller is now suing National Processing of America for violations related to the Family Medical Leave Act, Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and Title VII. Her lawsuit alleges that her employer stated that it was not “fair to other employees” for Roller to be able to use the bathroom so frequently, and that she was demoted from her management position and asked to transfer because of her pregnant condition, which she refused. Roller also alleges that her family leave paperwork was delayed.

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