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Medical professionals who treat patients with diabetes will undoubtedly find that these patients suffer from the discomfort and embarrassment of urinary incontinence. Depending on a person’s age, it may not be possible to control, leading many older diabetics to turn to incontinence products as a way of dealing with symptoms. These can range from fluid-resistant mattress liners to incontinence pads or undergarments, both of which are easily obtainable through supermarkets, pharmacies, as well as through online shops. Today’s incontinence pad is made in several layers to ensure comfort and complete absorption. The inner layer is made from an anti-reactive, highly absorbent material especially made for urinary incontinence. A thoughtfully-made incontinence undergarment will have been made from materials that do not rustle or crinkle as you move; rather, they should not only be comfortable and fit close to one’s body, but noise-free to avoid embarrassment. As feminine hygiene products have evolved to fit the contours of fashionable clothing and undergarments, so have urinary incontinence products. Indeed, the level of comfort and wearability of today’s incontinence garments make treating incontinence more manageable and easy.

Contrary to what many people might think, faecal incontinence is quite a common condition—and not only amongst the elderly and the infirm. Some people, for one reason or another, experience injuries or tears to the circular ring of muscles closing the anus leading to the development of faecal incontinence.

Causes of Faecal incontinence.

The commonest cause of tearing in the anal sphincter is complication of a difficult delivery, known as obstetric complications, in which the midwife or doctor had to use instruments, such as the forceps, to extract the baby. The anal sphincter can also be injured because of a major surgical procedure for the removal of a tumour or anal surgery.  Anal tears are a common cause of bowel incontinence in women.

Other conditions that cause severe pelvic muscle floor weakness can easily cause faecal incontinence. Such conditions include severe neurological disease (Multiple Sclerosis, Spina bifia, severe spinal cord injury).

Products used for Faecal Incontinence

Most patients with faecal incontinence are satisfied using protective incontinence products such as the absorptive incontinence pads, the All-in-One briefs, and the pull-up pants.  The concept behind the use of these products is simple. They act as a barrier between the faeces and the patient’s under garments preventing their soiling.  They are then removed and disposed of to be replaced by a fresh product and so on. Patients with mild bowel incontinence, who may just have streaks of stool passing involuntarily, usually find these protective products very convenient and efficient. Patients who suffer from severe incontinence need to use adult diapers in order to maximally control the leakage.

However, some patients’ lives suffer considerably because of their constant worry about the faecal soiling. This is a problem especially with the young and active. The feel of a soiled pad rubbing against their body is definitely not conducive to their exercise routine, or the activity in their daily lives. Some other patients suffer from stool incontinence accompanied by prolapse (or drooping of the anal lining) and are extremely discomfited by it. Anal plugs may offer  these patients some relief because they prevent stool from leaking altogether.

How are Anal Plugs Used for Anal Incontinence

Anal plugs are medical devices made of a porous absorbent material that lets air in and blocks the leaks entirely offering the patient a few hours of faecal incontinence free life. Anal plugs are available in two sizes. It is always recommended to try the smaller size first. Only use the bigger size if leakage continues. You will need to consult with your physician before you can buy it.  The only brand available in the UK is the “Peristeen anal plug”, and it is available by prescription only.

It is worth noting that anal plugs can only be used for a short period of time. They are not a permanent protective product that you can rely on. It should be kept for occasions where you need the most protection. Otherwise, rely on the good old pad for your basic faecal incontinence needs

Despite the advancement of science, incontinence is anaffliction thatcontinues to disturb the lives of  millions of tena-incontinencepeople all over the world. No age, gender or economic  status are immune.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds are spent every year on studies and research on how to prevent and cure incontinence, whether urinary or faecal. This amount is most likely matched by individual and healthcare costs spent on incontinence related drugs, treatments and supplies.

Managing incontinence needs to be done under the supervision of a professional care provider. And the hardest step is usually to actually the start of therapy. Once started, compliance to the recommended regimen is very important for a successful intervention and effective management.

While the use of incontinence products does not cure or lessen the severity of incontinence, It can make life much easier for people struggling with embarassing effects of urinary leaks and faecal soiling. People leading an active lifestyle need not stop doing their usual activities. Proper use of incontinence supplies and products will decrease the shame, embarrassment,  and fear of ridicule that of people with incontinence suffer from in silence.

Incontinence products are available on the market to help manage the leaks and dribbles while  undergoing therapy. Incontinence supplies are available for purchase in select departement stores, of course, but they can also be purchased privately online from the comfort of your own home.

The advantages of online shopping for incontinence supplies are many. It is convenient, private, and sometimes more economical.  For those of you who do not want to risk running into someone you know at the “adult incontinence” isle in the departement store, online incontinence supplies shopping is ideal.

Incontinence supplies available on the market are as diverse as the needs of the patients. There are pads and pants that are specifically designed to absorb different volumes of urine or semi-solid excreta and are made to address the needs of the patient. There are also urinals or urine collectors, net knickers, belted or elasticated incontinence briefs or panties with padded gusset available at reasonable prices. Another set of important incontinence supplies are furniture protectors and mattress covers.

To choose the right incontinence supplies for your needs, you will have to take into consideration the type of incontinence you have (whether urinary or fecal) and the degree of leakage you suffer from (which is directly related to the amount of urine you lose.) If you lose only a small amount or a few drops of urine, you will need minimum personal protective products, such as incontinence pads. If you consistently lose a full bladder, or a large volume of urine, then you will be needing a highly absorbent incontinence briefs. You will also need to invest in mattress covers, bed pads, and duvet covers.

Choosing the right incontinence supplies from the many suppliers in the country and abroad may appear to be a very confusing and frustrating task at times.Yet, you need not worry. We have plenty of informationo on our site that will help you find the product that suits your incontinence needs.

Disclaimer: All material published on the web site is for informational purposes only. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information contained herein with other sources. The information is not intended to replace medical advice offered by your doctor or health professional. Readers should always discuss health matters and review the information carefully with their doctor or health care professional. Extended Disclaimer
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