Different Urinary Incontinence Products to Choose From

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine for several reasons. This is not a disease in itself rather a symptom of an underlying medical problem. In women the pelvic floor muscles become loose and weak after several pregnancies and may cause urine leaks even at the slightest pressure on the bladder. This condition is called stress incontinence.

Other cases involve an overactive bladder that contracts continuously and releases small amounts of urine without enough warning. The sudden urge to urinate (urge incontinence) and the uncontrollable bladder contractions along with weak pelvic floor muscles often affect the men who have benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate gland). In some cases the bladder fails to empty completely causing retention.

Having urinary incontinence does not need drastic changes in your life. It need not be costly either. Although it may require you to adjust a few lifestyle patterns to make room for some modifications, it doesn’t have to be a radical shift. The urinary incontinence products are made to help you manage your incontinence and make living easier and comfortable. These products are used whilst undergoing treatment.

Absorbent Pads and Pants

The most common product being used are incontinence pads. These highly absorbent pads are especially made to withstand light to heavy flow with shapes designed to fit the contours of the human anatomy and adhesive strips to keep the pad in place.  These pads offer maximum protection against leaks while being discreet. The pads may be disposable or reusable. Choose pads made of natural materials that are hypo-allergenic.

Another product that is widely used are incontinence pants. These are designed like your regular underwear, but with pad inserts or built-in pads with leak-guard protection against accidental leaks. Busy people who can’t be bothered with laundry prefer disposable pants, but for the people who are on a tight budget, they would be advised to go for the washable/reusable kind.

Urine Collectors

Urine collectors and urinals are devices used by patients with heavy incontinence. These are contraptions with belts and straps to hold it in place. These are designed according to the wearer’s anatomy for maximum fit and comfort. Urinals are sheaths for the male shaft fastened with adhesive strips and can be worn under regular briefs or incontinence pants with a pouch.

Vaginal Inserts

Vaginal inserts are devices inserted inside the vaginal cavity to support the prolapsed uterus or the bladder neck. These are called pessaries, made of silicone material shaped like a doughnut. This device is not advisable for women who are prone to urinary tract infections and vaginal infections. Tampons are absorbent plugs used by women who are still active and are sports buff. It is discreet and convenient but not advisable for women who are susceptible to cystitis and other vaginal infections.

Bed Linings, Bed Pads and Mattress Protection

For overflow protection during sleep, bed liners that are highly absorbent are essentials for dry nights. These are made of natural fibres like cotton with different thread counts designed to absorb any kind of leakage during sleep and protect the mattress from water marks and urine stains. These are available in disposable and reusable kind through off-the-shelf or online purchase.

Self-care Products

Care givers and patients alike need to observe proper hygiene to prevent secondary infections. Hand sanitisers, sterile gloves, hypo-allergenic wipes and other self-care products can also be found online.

Whatever your doctor had prescribed, it is important to discuss the options and find the best solution to your urinary incontinence. The use of urinary incontinence products must conform to your needs and affordability should be considered without compromising product quality.  Discretion is the costumer’s right and online ordering respects the costumer’s preference for privacy. Home deliveries offer confidentiality and convenience. You choose what is best for you.

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