Understanding Female Incontinence Products

Urinary incontinence is more than just a passing embarrassment for a lady. Women often pride themselves on tidiness and neatness, and in many instances urinary incontinence can wreck havoc in terms of quality of life and self-esteem. So, it comes as no surprise that almost all women suffering from incontinence search for the best possible female incontinence products available.

Female incontinence products range from absorbent pads to full protective undergarments. The choice of the product depends largely on the extent of incontinence and leaking that a woman is experiencing. Panty liners are the thinnest and the least absorbent. They are often considered the product of choice for stress incontinence, which is when leakage occurs with a cough or a sneeze. Fitting liners snugly is important for achieving optimal absorbency. Some women may be inclined to insert toilet paper or cotton in lieu of panty liners. This practice, however, is discouraged, not only because toilet paper shreds creating a mess and making clean up a hassle, but also because toilet paper will become soggy upon absorbing the urine, creating a wet damp medium which could lead to irritation and predispose to candidiasis, commonly known as a yeast infection.

For females with a need for female incontinence products with higher absorbency there are a multitude of super absorbent pads, some are even scented for better coverage of odour issues especially for the self-conscious clientèle. If even further absorbency is required, protective undergarments are widely available in a broad selection of designs and various sizes. For those seeking convenience, disposable undergarments are the ultimate female incontinence products. Use and dispose. It cannot get any easier than that. For the frugal and environmentally conscious, the reusable washable briefs are an excellent choice. Available designs include: wrap around pants, pull up pants, briefs, and shorts. Created with the female in mind, some are elastic and some offer extra figure-hugging support.

Another type of female incontinence product worth mentioning is the pouch pants. Pouch pants are created with an extra holding space so that pads can be easily added and removed according to need. If incontinence is more severe by night, for instance, a nightly extra absorbent pad can be added and an ultra thin pad can be used by day.

All the above products are designed to provide relief from the wetness without attempting to attack the cause of the incontinence. Some other female incontinence products, a set of vaginal weights sold in a kit, aim to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support the bladder neck and urethra. The increased strength improves stress and urge incontinence in many patients. These products are designed to teach the patient how to maximize the effects of Kegel exercises.

Finally, some other, less commonly used, female incontinence products are the pessaries inserted in the vagina to support the bladder neck, and the urethral inserts applied locally sealing the bladder neck and preventing the flow of urine. One should note, however that such more invasive local measures have been deemed slightly uncomfortable by many users.

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