Different Types of Incontinence Underwear for Women

Urinary incontinence in women can be a life-changing phase. A medical condition that is common in women of child-bearing age and women on the verge of menopausal stage. This is a symptom prevalent in women who have had children and have undergone an assisted birthing process. The damage to the tissues surrounding the vaginal cavity can cause the weakening of the underlying pelvic floor muscles.

The most common type of urinary problem affecting women is called stress incontinence, the uncontrollable passage of small amounts of urine at the slightest exertion like coughing, sneezing or laughing.  The bladder is pressed when the abdominal muscles contract when exerting force and along with weak pelvic floor muscles, leakage is unstoppable.

Multiple childbirth causes trauma to the bladder muscles and may damage the nerves serving this organ. Repeated compression of the bladder by the expanding uterus can cause the bladder nerves to go haywire and disrupt the normal urination patterns. Recurring urinary tract infections during pregnancy may cause scarring in the bladder walls and the urethral sphincter, causing more complications.

Urinary incontinence can be an inconvenient problem but is a curable condition that can be treated with a simple treatment regimen.  Seeking medical help at the onset of the symptoms (frequent urination, urgency in urination and urine leaks) can prevent further complications. While undergoing treatment, the use of incontinence products like incontinence underwear for women can help in managing the leaks and dribbles.

Incontinence underwear help in absorbing unexpected urine leaks and avoid embarrassing situations like urine stains and unbecoming smells when in public places. There are many different kinds of incontinence underwear on the market nowadays and choosing the right one for your needs can be confusing.  There are important features you need to consider when buying incontinence underwear such as:

  • Absorbency level
  • Natural materials
  • Leak guards
  • Odour-repellant
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Environment-friendly

Incontinent women who are still active with work and sports need to use these products in order to continue living unhampered by urinary incontinence.  Instead of using pads similar to female sanitary pads, incontinence pants designed like regular underwear are more practical and convenient. You can choose from the wide range of incontinence underwear according to your preference and needs.

  • Pull-up pants. These are designed like the normal panties but with extra layers of absorbent pad in the crotch area. The waistband is made of soft cloth-like material to avoid skin irritation
  • Net knickers. This type of underwear is made of elastic mesh or net for maximum comfort and dryness. They can be worn over disposable pads and are available in reusable and disposable variety
  • Incontinence briefs. This can also be worn by a female incontinent. The front has a pocket for disposable pad inserts. Waist band and the leg cuffs are elasticated for maximum protection
  • Stretch pants. These are similar to the normal underwear but made of stretchable material and worn to keep the pad in place. The stretch material of this pants makes it snug-fitting yet comfortable enough for mobility
  • Leg knickers. These are pants that reach just above the knee and comfortable enough to wear under normal trousers or jeans. Made of breathable stretch material that fits snugly to the skin but soft enough to keep the skin dry and comfortable
  • Belted pants. Similarly designed like underwear but with elasticated belts instead of waistband. This is usually found in disposable incontinence pants. This type is convenient for women who wear jeans and location is not possible to undress
  • Strappy pants. Like the belted pants, they use adhesive strips to lock the sides and are convenient to wear and take off without completely undressing

Whatever type of urinary incontinence one has, the market offers an extensive collection of incontinence underwear for women.  Many online stores offer a wide variety of these products and discreet ordering and home deliveries are convenient for people who value their privacy. It is important to research and choose the best brand and correct product to buy that would fit your budget.

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